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9 Worlds – Fallen To Pieces (The Reprise EP) [Bass Rebels] Copyright Free Music 2023

Following the success of the original single 'Fallen To Pieces,' we proudly present 'Fallen To Pieces (The Reprise EP).' This exciting release includes a fresh rendition of the track by the talented 9 Worlds, alongside two captivating remixes. Strigi known for his mind-blowing signature dubstep sound designs, delivers an electrifying remix, while label owner Invaders Of Nine contributes a thrilling Drum & Bass remix. Get ready to immerse yourself in this incredible EP filled with exciting musical experiences.

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I’m heading down a darker road
Now that I’ve lost this
Now I’m in pieces
I swear I’d never see you go
Thought it was real when
You said forever ohhhh

And baby I tried to
put up a fight ooo
But my heart always ends up back on my sleeve
Made me feel brand new
And I believed you
When you told me that you’d never leave me

But now I feel like I can’t breathe
Yeah I’m missing parts of me
I didn’t know I had before I ever knew you

I’m fallen to pieces

But now it feels like I can’t breathe
Yeah I’m missing parts of me
I didn’t know I had
I didn’t know I had

I’m fallen to pieces

I don’t know which way I should turn
There’s no clear sign now
It’s just a ghost town

You made this city feel like home
Now I don’t hear a sound
The silence speaks loud

And now I feel like I can’t breathe
Yeah I’m missing parts of me
I didn’t know I had before I ever knew you

I’m fallen to pieces

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