the new single out now

City Lights is the new single from Bass Rebels regular Jonas Viken featuring singer and songwriter Jaime Deraz and as always it is Copyright Free Music for YouTube and Twitch.

Artist Spotlight


We welcome Bromad to Bass Rebels with his debut release Medicine which you can now pre save and get an instant free download. CLICK HERE


UK singer and songwriter supported on BBC Introducing makes her debut on Bass Rebels with her single Dance With The Devil alongside producer Vinsmoker 

Beth De Bacci

Gaming Music Playlist

Come follow our playlist for all you gamers out there who need safe music for YouTube or Twitch that will not get any claims, muted streams or any DMCA takedowns.

For license details https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/musiclicense

Brands who have featured our music

 the best of 2020 album


Over 120 tracks taking you on a full journey of our sound from the past year. This includes a huge selection of genres from Hip Hop, House and Pop music to Future Bass, Dubstep and Drum & Bass. All our music is also copyright free for YouTube and Twitch so you can use it in your videos and live streams ☑️

Bass Rebels Best Of 2020

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Can I use Bass Rebels music in my videos on YouTUbe ?

Yes you can use our music for free and monetize your video as long as you give credit for that song which we show you how in every description 

Can I Play Bass Rebels music on my live stream on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer ?

Yes you can use our music from our playlists HERE All you have to do is credit as follows: ♫ Music Provided By Bass Rebels ♫ https://www.youtube.com/c/BassRebels

Can I place Bass Rebels music in my commercial, film or game ?

Yes but you will need to contact us for a license for this use. Please email us at licensing@bassrebels.co.uk  

Can I remix a Bass Rebels song or add my vocals to it and distribute it ?

No you can not distribute any of our music as we own all copyrights to the music but we allow creators to use the music in their video content. If you remix a song or maybe add your own vocals over a song you can only post it on YouTube.