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SUNZZ is out now

Time for some vocal piano house with the single More Than Happy. The release also comes with two fast pace remixes from Bass Rebels regular Jay Sarma and a twist of euphoric Drum & Bass from Invaders Of Nine.

All our music is also copyright free for YouTube, Mixer & Twitch so you can use it in your videos and live streams ☑️

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Artist Spotlight


TARO is an emerging Fort Collins-based duo comprised of Cheyenne Duba (vocals/songwriting) and Steve Welhaf (guitar/production).


A regular singer/songwriter here at Bass Rebels, featuring on many tracks with KR and recently with Jay Sarma with Game ON

Chill Gaming Music Playlist

Our Chill Gaming playlist which consists of a mixture of chilled music from Hip Hop to Lofi and Chillhop. 

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Brands who have featured our music

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Can I use Bass Rebels music in my videos on YouTUbe ?

Yes you can use our music for free and monetize your video as long as you give credit for that song which we show you how in every description 

Can I Play Bass Rebels music on my live stream on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer ?

Yes you can use our music from our playlists HERE All you have to do is credit as follows: ♫ Music Provided By Bass Rebels ♫

Can I place Bass Rebels music in my commercial, film or game ?

Yes but you will need to contact us for a license for this use. Please email us at  

Can I remix a Bass Rebels song or add my vocals to it and distribute it ?

No you can not distribute any of our music as we own all copyrights to the music but we allow creators to use the music in their video content. If you remix a song or maybe add your own vocals over a song you can only post it on YouTube.