Nana & Marin – OK (Trap Music No Copyright)

More of the best No Copyright Music that we just had to feature here at Bass Rebels. Another huge slice of Electronic EDM music from Nana & Marin with the track OK that is music that you can use in your YouTube videos. #NoCopyrightMusic #FutureTrap #TrapMusic

●You have permission to use this music in your YouTube videos but you MUST credit the artist in the description of your video by copying the following ♫Music By♫ section below:

♫Music By♫
●Nana & Marin – OK – https://youtu.be/WHM2LWgYNdc
●Twitter – https://twitter.com/NaNa17_20
●Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/nana172025
●Twitter – https://twitter.com/MarinHoxha
●Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/marin-hoxha

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