Who are ZOA ?

This weeks Artist Spotlight ZOA ⭐

This project is a story that takes place on planet ZOA in a futuristic and cybernetic world. 3 heroes wake in a world where machines and humans have become integrated as one. Diving into the the philosophical theories of what makes a human a human, and what distincts an A.I from a robot. While the main story takes place in Kumo City, a cyber city in the sky and full of the most advanced tech, ZOA is an abundant planet of different environments where many adventures await.

The core of this project consists of Guitar, Saxophone and Drums. These elements are unified with electronic music in a dark cyberpunk fashion. Live performances are filled with lots of soloing and shredding from the trio.

We hope you are ready to experience the story of project ZOA.

If you have not heard ZOA's music yet then we highly recommend I Love Color, Top Shelf or their recent release Please Find Me and if you like what you hear please give them a follow on their social medias https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/ZOA

Thank you all for your continued support 🎶❤️

ZOA Music

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