Who is PRIYANX ?

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PRIYANX is a 20-year-old Electronic Dance Music artist from India. He has released music on renowned EDM labels and gained support from prominent artists like DirtySnatcha and Tetrix Bass, with his tracks played in clubs and events like Lost Lands 2023. Known for his melodic style, PRIYANX began producing music at 12 and is continuously learning about music production and the EDM industry. He believes in using music as a medium for self-expression and personal growth. 

Hey PRIYANX. so where are you based?

I'm Based in Chanchal, West Bengal, India

How did you first get into music?

I remember back in 2014 I was listening to some Justin Beiber song and then "Skrillex", "NCS" and "Avicii" were recommended on my YouTube, by listening to them I was mesmerized since I never heard anything that electronic, at least in music, it seemed so cool to me and I wanted to make something cool like them as well.

Do you play any instruments?

Yeah, I used to play Tabla and Harmonium when I was 8 but now I play Drums and Keyboards sometimes.

Describe your music style

It's melodic, it's electronic, sometimes It could be dark but my tracks are always super cool to listen to.

Who are you favorite artists?

Avicii, Different Heaven, Charlie Puth, Virtual Riot, Au5, Roy Knox.

Who would your dream music collaboration be with?

My Dream Collab would be Skrillex, Charlie Puth and Similar Outskirts.

What are your favorite VST / Synths or programs in general to use when producing your music?

I've been using FL Studio for the last 9 years now and my fav plug-ins are Sylenth 1, Serum, Disperser, fab filter Pro-Q3, Dblue glitch and Echoboy.

Are there any new directions or styles you'd like to explore?

Yeah definitely, as I told before that I wanted to make something cool and electronic when I started music production, now I know I can make my own path with my new sounds, so this new sound will contain something futuristic, glitchy and melodic, you need to stay tuned with me if you wanna know more about it 😉

What has been the most memorable moment or experience in your music career so far?

Last year DirtySnatcha played our collab in the LOSTLANDS 2023 Main stage and it was something unbelievable for me because I never went to any shows before, not even in a club, but when I saw random people were headbanging on My music, trust me the feeling was something different, it'll forever remain to my special memories, it gave me hope that one day I can rule the music Industry by my own unique sound 🙂

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

I love spending time in nature all by myself and cherish its beauty.

If you have not heard PRIYANX's music yet then we highly recommend Too Much To Lose, Forget or his most recent release When Did The Love Die. If you like what you hear please give them a follow on social media https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/PRIYANX

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