Who is The Ramon ?

This weeks Artist Spotlight is The Ramon ⭐

Where are you based?

I was born in Manila, Philippines but I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2005.

How did you first get into music?

I came from a household of music lovers so I was exposed to different genres of music at an early age. When I was 8 years old, I didn’t have access to the internet so for me to get the lyrics of a song, I would stop and play my cassette player and write down the lyrics. I realized, I could actually write my own if I had a minus one. (A song with just the instrumentals) (90’s era)

Do you play any instruments?

I don’t have patience learning so I suck at playing the guitar.

Describe your music style

My style is mostly full of emotional wordplays with an alternative rock vibes but with an rnb flow. I guess it stems from the variety of influences I’ve had growing up. It’s like a collection of my father’s vinyls, my sister’s Spotify playlist and everything in between lol

Who are you favorite artists?

This has always been a hard question for me since my musical tastes evolved over the years. I guess the most influential would be The Beatles, Incubus, Seven Lions, Above & Beyond, Coldplay, Adventure Club, Craig David, Slander, RL Grime, and Paramore because of Hayley Williams. I think she has the most beautiful vocals I’ve ever heard in my life and her songwriting is top tier

Who would your dream music collaboration be with?

Slander & Seven Lions would be my dream collab!

What are your favorite VST / Synths or programs in general to use when producing your music?

I identify as topline songwriter and vocal producer before anything so I stay in my lane and leave the producing to our talented producers. As a topliner, I create the vocal melodies, harmonies and lyrics for a producer’s track / beats and I work with my sound engineer at the studio to record. I dabble w/ Fl Studio from time to time but then again, I don’t have the patience or time. I only produce vocals, melodies and lyrics.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

My first love is basketball and second is combat sports. I used to train MMA but fell more in love with boxing 8 years ago. I’m a boxing instructor as a side hustle and my mentor is Coach Marvin Somodio from Wildcard gym. I’m also an avid boxing fan! I also love going to music festivals! I attend about 6-8 festivals a year but currently slowed down since I franchised a fastfood venture w/ my siblings! It’s called Potato Corner at Haven City Market in Rancho Cucamonga here in California. We will be open in October! Come visit! 😄

If you have not heard The Ramon's music yet then we highly recommend Change Of Heart or his most recent single Hurt You Like That and if you like what you hear please give him a follow on his social medias https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/TheRamon

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