This weeks Artist Spotlight is SILVR SIREN ⭐

Where are you based?

Denver, Colorado

How did you first get into music?

I started piano lessons at 5, but it wasn't till my first Warped Tour that I wanted to play music live.

Describe your music style ?

It's hard to pin down since all of my releases so far are collaborations! I cannot wait to release my solo stuff because I've finally found a sound that I can call my own. Since splitting from TARO, it's been really cool to express myself however I want. I have an edgy alternative vibe. I love to party. I make music I either want to dance to or crash my car to. I think that's a good way of describing it hahaha

Who are you favourite artists?

Joyryde, LUN, Zomboy, GG Magree, HVDES, _chris elrik, CHYL, Tiesto, wow there's too many I just love music so much

Who would your dream music collaboration be with?

Britney Spears or Gerard Way

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

Light whipping, raving, staying up until 5am playing video games, making money, snowboarding, collecting squishmallows, and drinking boba.

If you have not heard any SILVR SIREN music yet then we highly recommend Let You Go or the most recent release Crash and if you like what you hear please give SILVR SIREN a follow on social media https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/SILVRSIREN

Thank you all for your continued support  🎶❤️

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