Who is Rocket Start ?

This weeks Artist Spotlight ⭐

Rocket Start is an electronic music producer based in Colorado, U.S

He first got into electronic music in 2018, when he heard 'Candyland' by Tobu for the first time.

He describes his music style as fun and happy sounds with sugary melodies at its core alongside chords laced with syrupy sound effects and loaded with power.

His favourite artist right now is Camellia, he said he is always amazed at how unique his music is.

His dream collaboration would be with Tokyo Machine.

His favourite VST's at the moment are Sylenth and Soundgoodizer.

When he is not making music he likes to play rhythm based video games like Geometry Dash and loves getting outside going for walks and just doing random group activities with his friends.

If you have not heard any Rocket Start music yet then we highly recommend Eat My Dust, Sunshine Road or his most recent release Arcade Escapade and if you like what you hear please give him a follow on his social medias https://www.bassrebels.co.uk/RocketStart

Thank you all for your continued support 🎶❤️ 

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